Our company

Our company

... in the heart of the Langhe... in the heart of Dolcetto

The evocative and celebrated scenery of the Langhe is the backdrop to the history and activity of our small family business, founded in the far 1900.
We are located in Diano d’alba, a small rural village, situated on soft, green hills. The geographic coordinates are important to know the peculiarities of a unique territory: the same peculiarities that Claudio Alario knows, owner and soul of the company.
For three generations we have dedicated ourselves with seriousness and dedication to the care and cultivation of vines and the sale of grapes, but it is only thanks to Claudio that we have come to wine making and then bottling the wines. In fact, in 1988, our young and ambitious producer, treasuring the notions learned at the Higher Institute of Agriculture and Strong of some years of direct experience in the field, decided to transform the generous products of our vines into wine.
We started by producing only the Dolcetto, to continue with the Nebbiolo and the Barbera and to arrive in 1995 also to the Barolo.
Our vineyards located in the municipalities of Diano D’Alba, Serralunga d’alba and Verduno have an age that varies between 20 and 50 years and they all enjoy privileged exposures.
The company’s philosophy is to seek a continuous and constant improvement with the goal, last, to reach an ever greater quality. In particular, today, our commitment is all profuse in the realization of a low yield in the vineyard in order to guarantee to the wine a superior quality.


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